Tom Campbell

I'm with physicist Tom Campbell at his workshop in Costa Mesa, CA. Tom's theory combining physics and spirituality had fascinated me for quite some time, so it was great to finally meet him. Here's a link to one of his lectures on youtube. [Update: Tom's work eventually inspired me to build the website allreality.com.]


Japan Trip

My wife Kim (who grew up in Japan) is standing at the entrance to Himeji Castle. The fact that Kim is a native speaker was incredibly helpful during our recent trip to Japan.

Himeji Castle is the only one from the samurai era that was completely undamaged by bombing during World War II.

Since part of our trip involved researching behind the scenes operations at Japan Airlines, I was given the rare honor of taking off from and landing at Tokyo's Narita airport in a JAL 747 flight simulator.

Japan Airlines is incredibly safety conscious. All cabin crew members are given yearly refresher training in various emergency procedures. Here's Kim participating in a water landing drill.


Sighting at James Gilliland's Ranch

I went to the ranch at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington state for a week of solitude to do some writing. While at the ranch, which has a reputation for being a UFO hotspot, I was very interested to see some strange objects flying in the night skies above the mountain. I don't know if they were "ours" or "theirs", but as someone with a little flying experience (soloed in civilian planes and had flight training in a military plane), I'll say that the objects behaved differently from any publicly known craft!

The day before I left the ranch, a fire broke out on the mountain. Thinking about the effect on wildlife was upsetting to me, since I'm an animal lover, as you might have guessed from my May 2008 adventure -see below:

MAY 2008

Fox Squirrel

After the writers' strike, I went back to work on BONES at the Fox Studio and found one of the Commissary lawn squirrels lost three levels underground in the parking garage. I coaxed it into my Prius with some peanuts and gave it a ride back up to the lawn.



Here I am as a member of the union that represents crew members (IATSE), showing solidarity with Fox TV's BONES Co-Executive Producer/Writer Scott Williams at the writers strike day 5 rally at Fox.

(Photos by BONES Producer/Writer Liz Benjamin)
"Why We Fight"


Wedding Invite

Click on the photo to see Kim and me dancing, as the King himself officiates at our wedding.

MAY 2007

I prevailed upon a passing tourist to snap this candid action photo of me proposing to Kim on the Eiffel Tower.

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