At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, after starting in physics, David Watkinson decided to switch majors to mathematics and after two years in math switched majors again and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Since then, David has continued to have an interest in learning processes and education. As a result, he has lectured and taught at most academic levels.

For example, David was a Visiting Assistant Professor teaching Advanced Digital Media in the UCLA Graduate School of Film, taught workshops at UCLA Extension and the American Film Institute, taught multimedia at Platt College, was Director of Education at NBA, and spent a semester working as an art instructor for grades K-6 during his senior year in college.

Besides participating in academics, David has also been involved in community education by leading the Los Angeles Mac Group (L.A.M.G.) Video/Multimedia SIG at the American Film Institute for four years. He was also elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the L.A.M.G. for two terms, when the organization was the largest Mac user group in the world with over 5,000 members.

David has also given lectures on multimedia subjects in various venues, including: the UCLA School of Design; the UCLA School of Engineering; Image World at the Long Beach Convention Center; Mac LA at the Long Beach Convention Center; and Video Expo at the LA Convention Center.

A few years ago, David began focusing on physics and metaphysics. After giving two lectures at the Learning Annex in New York City, he began hosting meetings of a quantum physics and consciousness study group. Interest in that group led David to create the educational website AllReality. com.

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