JUNE 2017


I was honored to be included as an author of a physics paper along with two NASA physicists and a Caltech professor of Mathematics.

In 2018, we will be mounting a fund-raising effort to facilitate the performance of the six quantum physics experiments proposed in the paper.

I will also present a screenplay I'm writing that incorporates some of the concepts included in the theory that provides the basis for the experiments.

The TOE (physics term for Theory of Everything) was developed by physicist Tom Campbell, the lead author of the paper.

MARCH 2015


Kim and members of the Japanese consulate were greeted by stars of BONES. 

Update: we've been picked up for season 11!

Thanks for voting for us in the USA Today Survey!

MAY 2014

Flying Synchronicity

I met Reiko while we were both visiting the Monroe Institute in Virginia. My next stop was to visit where I grew up in Southern New Jersey. I mentioned to Reiko that I was planning to take a flying lesson there for fun, since I hadn't flown in many years. (Last time I soloed was 1967!) Reiko suggested that she come down from Northern New Jersey where she lives and fly with me, because she has a pilot's license.

She told me that when she moved to New Jersey from Japan, she wanted to learn English by taking a class at the local community college that would teach her something useful. She decided learning to fly would be fun and very American, since our abundance of small airports and private planes is unique in the world.

The day before she was to arrive, I took a brush-up lesson. Out of the 52 airports in New Jersey and the 20 instructors at the small airport that I chose in Southern New Jersey, I happened to pick an instructor who years earlier in Northern New Jersey was the person that taught Reiko to fly! It was a great surprise reunion for both of them!

Because Reiko hadn't flown in a some years, she came down with a young instructor. He's seen in the photo above. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Reiko's old instructor Joe Blasenstein.  And I didn't get a photo of the four pillows that petite Reiko needs to sit on and put behind her back, so she can reach the pedals and see out the windshield!

JUNE 2013


Dr. Marlan Scully is a Yale educated physicist who is simultaneously a professor with a lab at Princeton, Texas A&M, and Baylor universities. I was privileged to be invited by Dr. Scully to visit with him and his team at Texas A&M, because I had questions about his experiment, the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser. The day after my visit with the physicists at TAMU, I was invited to video my conversation with the senior research physicist at quantum physicist Hal Puthoff's Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. For more about my visit with the physicists in Texas, please see my article on AllReality.com.

MAY 2013

May 25 March Against Monsanto in 52 countries and 436 cities

I attended the march because I'm concerned about the anti-science propaganda that Monsanto (a large chemical company) is spreading about the safety of their genetically modified organisms. I looked into the subject because I don't trust Monsanto after they assured us their previous unsafe products were safe (DTD, PCBs, Agent Orange, and more.)

And I'm especially concerned about the so-called Monsanto protection act that congress anonymously slipped into a spending package in March. It prevents courts from stopping Monsanto even if it the courts determine that their products are unsafe. In other words, citizens are now prevented from successfully suing Monsanto no matter how much death, disease or other harm their products are proven to cause.
Here's a video with some important information about the subject:

This a video of Marianne Williamson at the march I attended in Venice, CA. In her speech, Marianne explains why she believes that a huge multinational corporate matrix has sucked the soul out of American Capitalism, which previously had an unspoken ethical contract with customers and workers.


A Tale of Two Meetings

Discussing a physics experiment at the All Reality Study Group, which is an adjunct to the website allreality.com

On the Bones set with So YouThink You Can Dance winner ballerina Eliana Girard. I used this photo to encourage men to attend a fundraising dance for the All Reality Study Group :-)

MAY 2012

Feeding Egrets

The first year that I fed the Egrets at my in-laws home in Florida, I trained a large Great Egret to take food out of my hand. After Kim and I left, he stopped coming to my in-laws' house for an entire year. But a few days before we returned to Florida, he showed up again, as if he knew we were coming. Psychic Egret?

JULY 2011

Story Musgrave

I’m standing with Dr. Story Musgrave who is the only astronaut to have flown missions on all five Space Shuttles. Besides being a medical doctor, this former Marine and Air Force pilot has 7 graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature and psychology.

A little background about my encounter with Dr. Musgrave - When I did the movie SPACE COWBOYS, I had to spend a lot of time with Astronaut Robert Cabana who had flown America’s first module of the International Space Station into orbit. He has since retired as Director of NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, but at the time, he was acting as our technical advisor. He consulted with me quite a bit since I was responsible for all the computer screens for the capsule and mission control, etc. During a discussion about his fellow Marine Corps pilot chasing a UFO, Col. Cabana said to me, “You should talk to Story Musgrave, he believes in UFOs.”

Eleven years later, I got my chance when Dr. Musgrave gave the keynote address at a symposium hosted by MUFON. During his speech, Dr. Musgrave said that he believes that there are thousands, if not millions of advanced civilizations in the universe.

Afterwards, I was in a group chatting with Dr. Musgrave and I asked him about an article I’d read in a Canadian newspaper written by Clark C. McClelland the former ScO of the Space Shuttle fleet. Scott said in the article: As the final slide of a “Grey" ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: "These guys are real... I guarantee it!"

Interestingly, Dr. Musgrave wouldn’t confirm the report and basically said don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Not only was he giving good advice, Dr. Musgrave was also providing a good example of the kind of problems I encountered while doing research on the UFO subject for a screenplay.  Who to believe – McClelland or Musgrave? It was suggested by some that Dr. Musgrave crossed a line by saying he knows for sure about aliens rather than he has a general belief in them. And that he couldn’t confirm the newspaper story for fear of losing his pension or from some other restriction as a military officer.

But wouldn’t a similar restriction apply to former military pilot (Navy Captain) astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (PHD from MIT, co-holder of the record for the longest walk on the moon)? However, in 2009, Dr. Mitchell said, “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real…It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out...”

And what about Major Gordon Cooper, one of the original Mercury Astronauts? He was very public about his belief in UFOs after he sighted some in 1951 while piloting an F-86 Sabre jet over Western Germany. They were metallic, saucer-shaped discs at considerable altitude and could out-maneuver all fighter planes. Major Cooper also testified before the United Nations: "I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs."

Although I'm impressed by what astronauts like Musgrave, Mitchell and Cooper have to say, there are others in the UFO field who are less reliable. However, after a long chat I had at the symposium with nuclear physicist Dr. Stanton Friedman, I came to the conclusion that he is someone who can be trusted to tell the truth. He relied on the government’s words in their own reports to make his case for extraterrestrial visitation. And whenever their was an item that he couldn’t prove, he would say that it was in his “grey basket.” So I respect this venerable researcher who celebrated his 77th birthday at the symposium.

Dr. Stanton Friedman was employed as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics working in such highly advanced, classified programs as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various compact nuclear power-plants for space and terrestrial applications.

MAY 2011

Monroe Institute

Here are happy explorers with facilitators Karen Malik and Scott Taylor at the end of a retreat in Montecito, California. We all just graduated from The Gateway Voyage program of the Monroe Institute.

The program is a six-day intensive designed to teach a method of discovery in which one can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience.
It was a wonderful experience with very interesting and accomplished people!


The Ninja Baker

This is my wife's new web site: Ninja Baker

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